Ariel Contreras-Esquivel is a composer, orchestrator/conductor, and producer. Borned in Argentina, he is the founder and director of the Ostrich Orchestra, and co-founder of Ostrich Studios. He has written music for countless professional video games, films, adverticings, and concert music. In 2015 he scores the acclaimed viral short film "Grasancrem 2", with over 1.5M views on YouTube, produced by Hecatombe! Producciones and directed by Teodoro Ciampagna.
His music for "Blue Rider" (Ravegan) received a physical edition, together with the game, by PlayStation Asia. In 2016 he conducts the Ostrich Orchestra for the recording of the Hollywood Music in Film Awards "Best Original Score" winner Short Film "The Moment I Was Alone", directed by Kellen Gibbs and scored by Isaias García. In 2017 the VR video game "Blink and Die" (Sureksu) is awarded for "Best Game Audio" at the Indie Prize Berlín, Casual Connect. The same year Ariel scored the short film "Concentrico" at the 48hs Film Project, directed by Diego G. Medina, selected for the "Short Film Corner" at Cannes Festival 71st edition in 2018
In 2018 Ariel recieves a nomination for his music in "Mushroom Guardian" for the "Hollywood Music In Media Awards", in the category of "Best Original Song/Score Mobile Video Game". He also worked with "HookUp Animation", in the music for "Cumpleaños Magico" for Disney Latino. 

       Outisde the visual media industry, he also works on concert music, like his recent 50min chamber music "More Than The Sum Of The Parts", exploring a post-minimal music language.